About Me



Character and Animation Voice Work: 

David is a muliti voice.

  • Wide Range of Accents … regional & foreign
  • Wide Range of Ethnic Types (Black, Asian, Hispanic etc.)
  • Wide age range of age… baby to ancient,
  • Wide range of types…  Dad, Monster, Demon, Elfs, Dragon, Corporate Boss, Black Ops…etc.
  • Wide range of animation styles… real a real can be …to cartoon silly.
  • Animals… Farm to Jungle.

Wide Skill Set :

  • David has voiced over 15 distinct and separate voices in ONE session.
  • Voiced over 157 different characters on World of Warcraft…(Including General Nazgrim, Jamaican Troll King, and… Archimonde himself !)
  • Changes voices,intentions,tones,and delivery on a dime.
  • Voices Game Promos and Trailers ! (See YouTube links)


Mostly known for his mid-range voice:

  • Warm and Natural Tone
  • Fun, Smart, and Wry Sound
  • Straight, Confident, Trusting, and In-the-Know Read
  • In how many commercials do you actually hear what the announcer is saying?
  • In how many do you actually CARE to listen? What is the message?

David’s signature sound cuts through. His reads are listenable and the audience hears the message.

Highly Regarded:

Accomplished in all areas of VO.
Hire me with confidence.
I’m a working Pro.*
* (Shows up on time, ready to work. No big ego. Takes direction. Handles difficult personalities. Makes creative offerings as asked for, or needed. Injects humor and makes clients feel comfortable. Gracious to engineers.)


Commercials (TV & Radio)
Cartoons (TV & Internet)
Animation (Film)
Video Games (All Platforms)
Books on Tape Looping/ADR
Promos & Trailer
Sports Casting
Live Announcing
Celebrity Voices Impersonated
David also sings! Quite in tune… with good tone. Bass-baritone.
Casting Made Easy! TM