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Animal, Weasel-like

Announcer, Game Promo

Announcer, Game Show Host

Announcer, Sports-like

Announcer, Stylized #1

Announcer, Stylized #2

Announcer, Stylized #3

Baron, Russian, Arrogant & Silly

Ben Franklin

Black Dude, Older

Black Dude, Young

Boss, Pet Man

Cartoon Compilation

Cockney Thief & Dogs

Dark Lord

Doctor, Insane German

Drill Sergeant or Coach

Dude, Sleazy

Dumb Deputy

East Coast Hero

East Indian Psychic

Elf, evil

Evil Lord Baron

Evil Lord Set, Piemu Evil Servant, Luxor the Cat

Foreign Announcer, Funny and Offbeat


Gruff Russian Spy

Hamster, Silly & Unsure

Head Master, Blustery & Flustered

Young Wiz Kid
Inventor, Austrian Toy Maker

Japanese Radio Host
Jiriaya, Naruto Pervy Sage, Serious

Jiriaya, Naruto Pervy Sage, Wild

Latino Security Guard

Little Elfish Kid

Loser, Likeable & Pathetic

Manager, Retail

Mexican Worker

Mexican Worker, Older

Mike the Moron

Mister Big Business

Mr. Slate (Flinstones)

Narrator, Children’s Show

Nerd, Evil Empowered

Nuclear Dad, Loveable & Chipper

Old British Hero

Old Wizard of Wonder

Parrot, Pirate

Phil Silvers, Zany

Robot, Bad and Powerful

Santa & His Elves

Sidekick, Endearing

Sidekick, Gruff and Friendly

Sir Issac Newton

Sleazy Talent Agent

Spanish Lover

Tough Cowboy

Vikings & Luxor the Cat

Villain, Over-the-top, Vaudeville