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Alien Beast Creature of Death

Advisor, Old and Shrewd

Ancient Narrator, Asian

Ancient Narrator, Asian & Mysterious

Announcer, Corny Advertiser

Army Guys, Generic Heat of Battle

Assistant, Ingenuine & Treacherous

Bad Guy, Big and Tough


Battle Commander, Evil & Gruff

Battle Commander, Most Noble

Bomb Squad, NYC

Boss, Dripping Evil Assassin

Boss, Quiet, Sinister & Powerful

Boy Toy

Cockney, Pirate Trader, High

Cockney, Pirate Trader, Deep

Command Control, Emphatic & Clear Intel

Command Control, Flat, Direct & Unemotional

Command Control, Involved & Emotional

Commandant, Prison

Commander, British

Computer, Corrupted & Dangerous

Computer, Defective & Deep

Counsel, Duplicitous & Dottering

Cowboy, Rustler

Diary Keeper, Tragic & British

Demon, Pure Evil

Doctor, Turns Monster

Doctor, Disenchanted

Dogs & Animals

Drunk Bum, Old & Foul

Elf, Child-like

Elf, Evil

Emissary, Slothful, Greedy & Conniving

Evil Being, Tempting & Disembodied

Father, Gruff, Lost & Loving

Flight Controller

Fop, Aloof Dandy

Foreign Advisor, Nervous

French Swordsman

Game Narrator, Detached Story Teller

Gate Keeper, Silly

General, Violent & Scheming

Ghost Demon

Giant, Dumb

Good Guy (turns into monster)

Hero, Downtrodden

Inquisitor, Sadistic Zealot

Insane Nazi, Intense

Japanese Clan Boss, Quiet & Weak
King, Noble & Strong

King, Feeble & Forthright

Legal Counsel, Real & Honest

Lizard Monster, Angry & Powerful

Madman, Bold & Foreign

Major, Mean & Dedicated

Middle Eastern Mula

Military, Generic Leader

Mission Commander

Mobster, Mean and Evil

Mobster, New York Wiseguy

Native General, Strong & Sensitive

Native Priest, Betraying & Barbaric

Noble Commander, Arrogant

Old Fool, Elder, Confused

Pirate, Big & Gruff

Pirate Priest, Dark & Tortured

Pilot, Cocky

Play Leader War Game, Intelligent & Non-Emotional

Power Broker, Neutral

Preacher and Mason, Souther Evil

Priest, Evil and Dark

Prince, Young and Noble

Professional Killer

Professor, Brilliant & Authoritative

Professor, British & Stuffy

Psychotic Scientist

Robot & Computer

Russian, Gruff Mobster

Russian, Con Artist

Russian Papa

Sergeant, Southern & Gruff

Scientist, Arrogant & Brilliant

Senator, Serious

Slave Master, Nasty & Perverted

Sniper Team Leader, Real & Deliberate

Technician, Russian & Off-beat

Tough Guy

Traitor, King’s Advisor

Traitor, Ingenuine

Treasure Hunter, Pompous & Foolish

Truth & Reason, Neutral


Underling, Insincere and Cowardly

Vampire, Reluctant & Afraid

Village Dealer, Likeable & Frugal

Villager, Angry & Old

Warlord, Asian

Wizard, Evil & Possessed