Spokesperson: Natural, warm, believable voice

Signature Announcer

Wry announcer: Intelligent, in on the joke, smile on his voice

Regional Wry Signature
Wry Guy Announcer

TV and Radio spots you’ve heard and loved:

Likeable and Friendly Compilation
In the Know Compilation
Personality & Style Compilation

Stylized Announcer Compilations:

Big on Attitude
Financial Compilation
Heartland USA
Man on Street
Offers & Deals

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Very specific READS

1940’s Announcer
America the Big, Forthright & Assertive

Announcer, Stylized #1
Announcer, Stylized #2
Man on the Street, Down-home Style

Announcer, Stylized #3
Airline Pilot
Blue Collar, Flat & Real
Comic, Deadpan
Drill Sergeant/Coach
Dude, Young & Hip

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Very specific READS

Energy Company
Food, a la Frasier Crane
Food, Character Announcer
Food Announcer, Wry & Upbeat
Food, Warm Story
Game Show Host
Grocery Store Man, Folksy
Host, British
Infomercial, Music Sell
Instructional, Clear & Concise
Informercial, Upbeat, In-the-know
Local Car Dealer, Fast
Medical, Straight Announcer
Medical, Warm & Trusting
Military, Gruff
One on One, Flat & Informative
Order Now! Soft Sell
Order Now! Spoof
Rustler Cowboy
Santa Claus, Straight
Scientific Testing
Snob, British & Aloof
Spanish Flair Announcer
Sports Announcer, Tongue-in-cheek
Sportsman, Sentimental & Sure
Telecommunications, Trust & Confidence
Telecommunications, Young & Natural
Truck Read