Past Credits


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Past TV & FILM Career Highlights:

FILM, THE RAVEN – FILM, ALONE! – Lead Indian Chief FILM, The Substitute-Oscar Winner!, LEGO ANIMATED, Towns Folk, SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE – George Washington-FILM, etc.-  (A nice range of other on-camera TV & FILM credits earlier in my career at…  IMDB.)

Past ORIGINAL Animated TV & FILM:

LEGO Animated Features – Dad, BACK TO THE SEA -Various Fish & Sea creatures, Animated Feature, Happily Never After! (Lead: Rumplestilskin), Kids from Room 402, LEGION OF SUPER HEROES – Thorak and The EVIL Controller, Goop City Heroes-2 leads (Sketchers), MEDICAL ISLAND (WB), DIBO-(Award Winning Korean CGI), The Spankertons-Dad, SUPER SPORTLETTES-Lead Villian, Animated/LiveAction, TV Series Quest for Camelot, I.M.Weasel, Real Monsters, Duckman, Pink Panther, The Wizard of Oz (The Scare Crow, Mayor of Munchkin City, etc.)

Past ANIME TV Series & FILM:

PAPRIKA (DR. SHIMA), NARUTO,  DIGIMON (Puppet-Mon) BLEACH!, BLUE DRAGON, DURRRARA, KEKAICHI, ATLIER MERRU, EAGLE TALON, BO, BO, BO, Mazinkaiser, Buso Renkin,  MONSTER!, MONSTER ISLAND, Gauren Lagann, Ghost Ayashi Slayers, Geiss Code, JUST CAUSE, ZOIDS, MAR, Ultra Lucky Karma Cats, Prince of Tennis, Disgaea 2, Kyo Kara Maoh,Yukikase, Rave Master, Shin-Chan, Radiatta, DinoZaurs, Transformers, etc.

Past TV & Radio Commercials:

Prior to all his work in Animation & Video Games—David was busy voicing several hundred national and regional TV & radio spots.

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